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Video analysis solutions for Smart Mobility
Effectively plan, control and manage traffic.

License Plate Recognition for Smart Parking
Maximize your ROI with our LPR solutions for intelligent management of public and/or private parking spaces with ticketless or barrierless options.

Vehicle Access Control
Video analytics-based LPR aplications to maximize efficiency and security.

Drive-Thru and Click&Collect systems
Improve your customers’ user experience with our LPR and video analytics solutions in your business

Think green with smart technology.

Contact our sales team and discover how you can improve your business.

    LPR Cameras

    Discover our LPR and Video Analytics solutions for Traffic and Parking.

    Deep learning-based license plate recognition software to enhance parking management and access control with over 99% accuracy and efficiency. Ideal for Stop&Go and FreeFlow applications.


    • Vehicle type detection for dynamic pricing
    • Multiple LPR cameras for Ticketless, Barrierless applications, and motorcycle detection.
    • +100 recognized countries
    OCR5 LPR

    Get maximum precision in ticketless and mixed lanes


    TwinPlate allows you to manage multiple license plate recognition cameras installed in the same lane for efficient parking management. Ideal to guarantee the operation of the lane by means of front and rear capture in motorcycle and car lanes.


    • LPR Ticketless, Mixed or Complex lanes
    • Multiple LPR cameras for Ticketless, Barrierless applications, and motorcycle detection.
    • LPR Barrierless or Ticketless lanes & Motorcycles
    • 24/7 operation
    • Trigger or Free Flow mode
    • Front and rear capture
    TwinPlate LPR

    Discover our Video Analytics for Traffic and Parking


    Vehicle counting software based on Video Analysis. It identifies and classifies the vehicle using deep learning-based algorithms running on the camera.


    • Car, bike, scooter, motorcycle, van and truck count.
    • Management of free and occupied places.
    • Indoor vehicle guidance.
    • Real-time access to the parking occupancy level.
    • Mobility App Integration.
    Counter Video Analysis

    Discover our LPR cameras for maximum accuracy and efficiency


    Access more than 50 LPR camera models so you can choose the one that best suits your project.

    • All-in-One (AiO) or Server-based (PC)
    • IR or Hybrid lighting (white and color light)
    • Reflective and non-reflective plates
    • Front and rear capture
    • Distance max from 2.5 m to 15 m.
    • Suitable for OCR5 (LPR) and Counter (vehicle counting)
    LPR Cameras

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