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Artificial Intelligence for Smart Mobility

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Make cities more sustainable with our Video Analytics technology

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Smart City

Video analysis for Smart Cities

Plan traffic, manage incidents in real time and reduce CO2 levels in urban areas with our Artificial Intelligence solutions.

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Smart Road

Video analysis for Smart Road

Guarantee safety, plan and manage interurban traffic incidents in real time with our Artificial Intelligence solutions.

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SIRAM AI TRAFFIC. Artificial Intelligence technology to have everything under control

Real-time counting of all types of vehicles

Classification of bikes, scooters and pedestrians

Stop&Go and Free Flow ANPR

Prediction of traffic jams by video analysis

Urban Goods Distribution zones Management

Supports any ONVIF camera

Smart Mobility


Real-time classification of bikes, scooters and pedestrians


Our AI solutions allow counting and classifying all vehicles in real time, being able to differentiate between pedestrians, scooters, bicycles, cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks and buses dynamically

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Stop&Go and Free Flow ANPR


The high accuracy rate of SIRAM OCR5 allows efficient management in smart car parks, as well as real-time traffic control in Low Emission Zones (LEZ) and Limited Traffic Zones (LTZ).

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Traffic information in real time

Traffic information in real time


Our video analysis technology allows us to obtain real-time traffic data to monitor the density of traffic, the number and type of vehicles circulating and the incidents that occur. This enables sustainable traffic models to be made.

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Deep Learning for Smart Cities and Smart Roads

The CO2 emissions savings in cities becomes a strategic objective for public administrations. The regulation of vehicle access to cities is included within the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) as part of the policies that imply the implementation of green policies for the management of public parking lots and mobility planning.

At Innova we develop LPR and Video Analysis solutions, which use the latest Artificial Intelligence technology to provide an accuracy rate of over 99%. Perfect solutions for traffic planning and for the design and management of low emission and restricted traffic zones.

Find the perfect SIRAM solution for your Smart Parking, City or Road project.

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Our Deep Learning ALPR & Video Analysis solutions


Video Analysis for Smart Mobility

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License Plate Recognition for Smart Parkings

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Access control

ALPR access control

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Drive-Thru and Click & Collect with ALPR

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