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I/O Electronics with TCP/IP control

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The Siram CONEX board is the control electronics associated with the SIRAM vehicular access control platform. The device allows to detect when a vehicle arrives at the access control point to capture license plate photographs and activate external elements such as barriers, traffic lights, or turnstiles through its relay outputs.

Versions of Siram CONEX

Fully adaptable to installation needs

There are different models of CONEX depending on whether the Conex set incorporates Loop detectors, or if it is supplied inside the Schneider cabinet, or machined on an electrical board for installation inside the Totem or Compact capture unit.

Machined in cabinet
Machined on board


In the case of the Siram CONEX board, the electronics are supplied without machining so that the customer can install them in their own control cabinet.

Machined in Schneider cabinet

The control electronics are housed in a Schneider IP66 cabinet, within which all the elements are mechanized.

Machined on electrical board for Compact

The control electronics are machined on an electrical board that can be placed inside the Totem or Compact.

CONEX Protocol

Each Conex electronics is associated with an executable SiramCTRL.exe, which has a TCP server that the external application connects to in order to send activation and deactivation commands to the relays.

The implemented commands are as follows:

Send pulse to open relay

Every time this command is sent to SiramCTRL.exe, it sends a pulse to one of the four output relays of the Conex electronics. The default pulse duration is 1 second.

Activate relay

This command is used to activate a relay in the Conex electronics (closed circuit).

Deactivate relay

This command is used to deactivate a relay in the Conex electronics (open circuit).


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