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Management Software / Access Control

Platform for access control based on automatic license plate recognition technology.

Siram ACCESS offers two product families distinguished by their architecture: Access Suite based on Client/Server architecture, and Access Web based on web or cloud architecture.

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Live visualization

Automatic opening

Incident resolution

Multiple whitelist

Multiple blacklist

Full Integration

Siram Access SUITE

  • Client/Server Architecture.
  • Modular and Scalable Suite.
  • Real-time Visualization (Siram Viewer).
  • Incident Management (Siram Incident).
  • Movement Queries (Siram Manager).
  • User Import from Active Directory.
  • Mini, Lite, and Server Versions

Siram Access WEB

  • Web Architecture.
  • On-premise or Private Cloud.
  • Real-time Visualization (Web Browser).
  • Incident Resolution (Web Browser).
  • Movement Queries (Web Browser).
  • Stand Alone Access Operation.
  • Lite and Server Versions

More than 60 integration protocols

Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning technology for Access Control, Mobility, and Parking sectors.

Video Analysis for guidance

Counter Park

Multiple ALPR Cameras


All-in-One ANPR Cameras




Video Analysis for Smart Mobility

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License Plate Recognition for Smart Parkings

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Access control

ALPR access control

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Drive-Thru and Click & Collect with ALPR

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