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Parking Management

ALPR for Smart Parking

Take advantage of all the benefits offered by our SIRAM OCR5 solution for the efficient parking management.

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Applications and Advantages

Full PARCS integration

Barrierless & Ticketless

Plate-based services

High accuracy rate

24/7 operation

Easy installation

Very high accuracy rate +99%


Siram OCR5 offers an accuracy rate of over 99% thanks to its Deep Learning algorithms. Car parks require LPR systems with very high accuracy rates and service quality.

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Full PARCS / PMS integration


Our SIRAM ALPR cameras are 100% compatible with PMS/PARCS parking automation system manufacturers.

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High Service Quality 24/7


New license plate-based functionalities, such as Ticketless or Barrierless systems, require ALPR solutions with a high accuracy rate and ensure 24/7 operation.

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Deep Learning for Intelligent Parking Management

The parking industry is constantly evolving, facing challenges in smart mobility that require effective, accurate and well-integrated ALPR and PMS technological solutions. For major parking operators and automation systems manufacturers (PARCS or PMS), with national or international operations, one of key requirements is to find a versatile and effective license plate recognition solution to incorporate new plate-based functionalities like Ticketless or Barrierless solutions.

The accuracy rate of license plate recognition is a crucial factor for parking management systems, especially when implementing barrier-free or ticketless systems. Our ALPR solutions guarantee a high accuracy rate in the most challenging situations and access points.

SIRAM OCR5 is an ideal ALPR solution for implementing ticketless and barrierless systems Contact us!

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Discover how our customers have successfully implemented our solutions and products in different industries and countries. You will find inspiring stories and examples of how to leverage our expertise to transform your business.

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Ticketless ALPR for Motorcycles

Ticketless ALPR for Motorcycles

SIRAM OCR5 se convierte en la solución tecnológica elegida por B:SM, entidad pública de Movilidad en Barcelona, para la lectura automática de matrículas de motos en aparcamientos públicos.

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Access control

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