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Bank of Spain

High-Security ALPR Access Control Bank of Spain


The Bank of Spain is the Spanish government agency that acts as the national central bank and, along with the European Central Bank, serves as the supervisor of the Spanish banking system.

Client’s Needs

Security and access control at the Bank of Spain are crucial, hence the need to accurately identify the vehicles entering the premises and parking areas. Furthermore, the access control solution should be able to integrate with other security platforms.

Solution & Technology

Considering the specific needs and requirements of the Bank of Spain, Innova has chosen to implement their ALPR OCR5 technology for vehicle validation through license plate recognition. In the case of the Bank of Spain, parking access requires dual validation – both for the vehicle and the driver. OCR5 has demonstrated a high accuracy rate in license plate reading.

Once SIRAM has recognized the license plate, it sends the data and the captured image to the security platform that integrates vehicle and personnel access control which makes the decision to grant access or not. Different types of capture units have been used depending on the access point: SIRAM VIA has been employed in some entrances, SIRAM TOTEM in others, and SIRAM COMPACT in accesses with limited space.

Being a high-security environment, it is crucial to validate the vehicle attempting to enter, whether it is an automatically authorized vehicle or a scheduled visit. This ensures that a record and associated images are always available for the vehicle’s license plate.

Parking access requires dual validation – both for the vehicle and the driver – and OCR5 has demonstrated a high accuracy rate in the reading process.

Project Details

Client: Bank of Spain
Solution: Access Control
Technology: #OCR5, #SIRAM Totem, #SIRAM Compact

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