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ALPR Smart Mobility Solutions

Discover our #SmartMobility SIRAM solutions to improve parking systems efficiency and contribute an End2End user experience. Future is here… Let´s walk together.



SIRAM OCR5 is a license plate recognition engine/software that uses the latest deep learning technology to provide a greater variety of solutions with a high rate of accuracy.
An ideal solution for Stop&Go and FreeFlow applications.


Vehicle and people counting module based on Video Analytics. Identifies and classifies the vehicle to be counted using Artificial Intelligence algorithms that are executed in the camera.

i-SIRAM i-Compact Pro PoE

SIRAM i-COMPACT PRO is the first ALPR solution in an outdoor cabinet powered by PoE. A capture unit All-in-One that offers Automatic Focus & Zoom.

SIRAM Tailgating ALPR

Fraud detection and notification module by TailGating for car parkings. The system has two cameras that capture the front and rear license plates of the transit.

OCR TwinPlate ALPR

Siram OCR module that allows managing multiple license plate recognition cameras installed on the same lane. When it receives the license plate demand, returns the best of the results obtained.

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