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The Bank of Spain trusts OCR5

The versatility and precision of SIRAM OCR5 has become the most efficient technological solution to manage the access controls of the Bank of Spain in Madrid.

Safety is a priority in any vehicle access control system, but to ensure it, it is important to select license plate recognition software that offers maximum accuracy and a high accuracy  rate. The Bank of Spain relies on OCR5 for the management of the car park at its head office located in Madrid.

Siram was first installed at the Bank of Spain in 2007 by Techco, currently Securitas. In the following years it was updated and maintained by Telefónica Sistemas de Seguridad and currently it has been updated in 2021 by Elecnor Sistemas de Seguridad.  

The versatility of our LPR SIRAM OCR5 software has enabled us to achieve the high security standards of this bank thanks to the integration with Desico’s Vigiplus. Thanks to this implementation, it was possible to configure the access to the car park by a double validation, this implies a check not only of the vehicle which accesses the site, but also of its driver. The precision of our OCR5 software allows vehicle validation with an accuracy rate greater than 99%. Once the license plate is recognized, OCR5 sends this data and the captured image to the security platform which integrates the access control of vehicles and people. The latter being the one who makes the decision to open or not the access barrier, thus controlling the access of vehicles to the enclosure.

The development of a technological solution based on Deep Learning algorithms makes SIRAM OCR5 a high precision software suitable for the management of access control in high security environments. Double checking of vehicle and driver is managed via a whitelist of authorized vehicles which is updated in real time with information on new license plates linked to scheduled visits. This way there is always a record of images associated with a specific vehicle license plate.

 At Innova Group, we have a solid background and experience in the access control and intelligent parking management sector. We are committed to R&D to develop and launch LPR solutions based on Deep Learning, such as the LPR OCR5 software, which achieves an accuracy rate higher than 99%. This technological solution guarantees maximum compatibility and integration with any protocol, providing versatility in your @edge installation (either in barriers, all-in-one cameras, etc.) and a deploy in record time.

At Innova we anticipate the needs of the sector by developing LPR technological solutions aimed at sustainable mobility and smart mobility. Transform your access control and Parking management installation with SIRAM! 


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