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First hybrid LPR solution

SIRAM HYBRID offers a success rate with one of the highest efficiencies on the market in the area of ​​parking technology and LPR. 

At Innova, we launch a new LPR solution: SIRAM HYBRID. The first hybrid LPR solution, in an outdoor cabinet, which allows working in B / W with IR light or in Color with white light with just one mouse click. With SIRAM HYBRID it is possible to manually set up the LPR camera so that it operates in black and white or in color, or that it operates automatically depending on the exterior lighting. With the installation of our hybrid LPR solution, it will not be necessary to install two cameras to achieve an optimal success rate. Discover SIRAM HYBRID!

The evolution of parking systems, both On-Street and Off-Street, requires a high success rate. The efficiency in reading and recognizing license plates becomes the main concern of companies that manage car parks and who, in turn, undertake to modernize their facilities through new Barrierless or Ticketless solutions in order to improve user experience. 

License plates that do not provide a clear image due to dirt, reflection problems or other factors reduce the efficiency of the recognition process. That’s why we launched SIRAM HYBRID, the first solution that uses IR light and white light to let you work with color or B/W video images as needed. The use of color improves the success rate without doubling the installation cost because with a single camera, the success rate is maximized. The use of additional cameras is only recommended in complex lanes which present complicated reading angles or a flow of several vehicles in the entry / exit areas, for these situations our SIRAM SPLITTER TWINPLATE solution becomes the best option. 

At Innova, we offer one of the highest levels of success rate on the market, not only thanks to our license plate recognition software based on Deep Learning, but also now thanks to our LPR cameras which allow working in color. SIRAM HYBRID is a hybrid LPR solution that increases your ROI and success rate without the need to install a two cameras per lane. 

Reduce installation costs with SIRAM HYBRID and considerably increase the success rate of your Parking Management System.”

SIRAM HYBRID: First Dual  Light Technology for LPR

How does SIRAM HYBRID work? 

With SIRAM HYBRID it is possible to set up your LPR camera remotely without having to make any physical changes to your installation so you can work in black and white, in color or in automatic mode with just one click! In automatic mode, it is the camera which, depending on the lighting of the installation, decides to work in black and white or in color. To do this, our technology takes advantage of the Axis LightFinder feature to increase the efficiency of reading and recognizing license plates by working in color.

Thanks to SIRAM HYBRID, license plate defects will not be a problem of efficiency and profitability since it takes advantage of the hybrid technology of our cameras and the intelligent OCR5 software. The SIRAM HYBRID configuration guarantees maximum readability of all types of license plates regardless of their condition, entry / exit angle or lighting.


SIRAM HYBRID: The Colour Advantages


SIRAM HYBRID: The Colour Advantages

Are you looking to increase the success rate of your Parking LPR system? Do you need an LPR installation adapted to the complex tracks of your car park? Are you looking for maximum efficiency in reading damaged license plates or in low light environments? Improve your ROI and your LPR system!

Reduce installation costs with SIRAM HYBRID and increase the confidence level of the LPR system of your Parking management system. You are one click away from achieving maximum efficiency and profitability in managing your parking lot. Contact us!

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