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Innova installs its OCR5 software in stations in Spain

Barcelona, Malaga, Madrid, Bilbao or Valencia are some of the main AVE high speed train stations whose car parks are managed by SABA, and which work with LPR SIRAM OCR5 technology for the efficient management of their public car parks.

Innova supplied its SIRAM OCR5 license plate recognition system in the car parks of the main AVE high-speed train stations in Spain. The implementation of the SIRAM OCR5 software represents an effective bet in the intelligent management of the public car parks located in these stations and operated by Saba, which is one of the most important public car park operating companies in the world, and which, since years, relies on Innova’s license plate recognition technology to effectively respond to industry demands

In this project, Saba retained Innova and Scheidt & Bachmann Iberia (S&B), one of the leading international manufacturers of Parking Management Systems, to jointly implement and integrate their respective license plate recognition and Parking management technologies in the main ADIF-RENFE stations, where thousands of people pass through every day and where an effective and efficient LPR  solution is needed to manage a large dynamic flow of vehicles in the Parking area.

Innova’s SIRAM OCR5 solution allows you to minimize response times, achieving both a success rate of over 99%, as well as allowing full integration with any payment system, opening / closing of barrier and any other management software. Thanks to its versatility and integration, the SIRAM OCR5 software has succeeded in maximizing the results and becoming a complementary system for the Parking management systems manufactured by Scheidt & Bachmann (S&B).

Undoubtedly, the increase in the number of people and their mobility between cities leads to subservience to transport, which has resulted not only in constant congestion on the roads, high CO2 emission rates and an increased stress levels, but also through effective management of the daily flow of vehicles in train and bus stations, and in airports. For this, we need innovative solutions, such as our SIRAM OCR5 technology based on Deep Learning, which allows access control systems that are more efficient, safer and more energy-sustainable.

Both airports and train stations are sectors that guarantee the quality and efficiency of license plate recognition solutions in their car parks, due to the fact that these are areas with a significant flow of vehicles of all kinds (private cars, rental cars, passenger cars, etc.) and where the speed and performance of reading license plates is a priority and allows the use of new payment methods and user loyalty services.

Among the more than 40 stations that already have our SIRAM OCR5 system, it is worth highlighting:


SIRAM OCR5 and the new SIRAM products have high performance because they are based on Video Analysis. Its great adaptability gives it unparalleled efficiency while allowing it to offer various user loyalty services, having a positive impact on the income statement. The possible applications that SIRAM software allows are, among others, dynamic access, dynamic exit, pay-by-plate, book-by-plate, guidance systems based on video analysis (CBPGS), the various touchless services. 

Once again, Innova is committed to innovative technology to be able to implement Real-Time Smart Parking Systems. Any aspiration or commitment to Sustainable Mobility requires stable, versatile and rapid deployment software. These expectations are fulfilled with SIRAM OCR5 thanks to the improvements offered by Deep Learning technology.

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