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Innova OCR5 on Leclerc Drive: ALPR and Pick & Go

Leclerc Drive relies on SIRAM for its order picking automation.

The Leclerc supermarket chain, with a presence throughout Europe, incorporates the SIRAM technology for license plate recognition based on Deep Learning in its express collection facilities in La Colle Sur Loup (France) for the management and organization of orders in the collection areas within the parking with its “Leclerc Drive” service.

The cooperative society and hypermarket chain Leclerc, based in Ivry-sur-Seine, was founded in 1948. It currently has more than 500 facilities in France and 114 stores in other European countries. It is one of the favorite supermarkets for consumers, not only for its variety of products but also for being pioneers in good environmental practices and offering valuable services to its customers.

The consultancy and installer Mamo’s Consulting has relied on Innova technology to carry out this Leclerc Drive project, based on the concept of “express purchase”. The service deals with an order collection system based and synchronized with the vehicle license plate. In this way, the customer can make their purchases comfortably from their home or office and, after 2 hours, pick it up with their vehicle at the Leclerc facilities. The versatility of SIRAM OCR5 facilitates integration with any existing system that requires the reading of license plates to provide new services to the customer. In the case of Leclerc, the Vinci Energies software allows the customer to inform, through an information panel, the lane to which they should go to pick up their purchase, assuming a significant improvement in delivery times and order management


Our technological solution for reading and recognition of license plates SIRAM OCR5 is based on Deep Learning algorithms that allow a success rate higher than 99%, maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency in any control system. In addition, OCR5 adapts to any country thanks to being able to recognize various license plate formats.

In an environment in constant change and where the consumer experience is increasingly important, SIRAM products provide new and multiple functionalities aimed at sustainable mobility: vehicle counting and identification, license plate recognition, queue management or identification of free and occupied parking spaces.


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