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OCR5 Includes License Plates from +100 Countries

Nowadays we live in a globalized world where parking operators demand a license plate recognition technologies (ALPR) with several requirements such as a high reliability rate, easy installation and maintenance,but also a wide flexibility in order to support different countries and offer a quick adaptation to any type of integration.

Innova Systems Group´s technology for license plate recognition (SIRAM OCR5) allows to respond in a very quick way to all kind of requirements from parking automation systems manufacturers (PARCS or PMS), and the reason relies on a deep learning OCR5 technology.

Our ALPR solution (SIRAM OCR5) allows a fast learning process when adding new unrecognized countries. This means that the license plate recognition engine software responsible of the license plates identification can in a record time learn and support new license plates types from new unrecognized countries. Currently, thanks to deep learning, our Siram OCR5 ALPR solution allows recognizing more than 100 countries with a high success rate.

There is no doubt that Deep learning technology has demonstrated a great stability and hardiness in the ALPR field in comparison with other older Machine Learning technologies. Specially when talking about  adding new types of license plates with no need of software changes, OCR5 is versatile and a great Deep learning ALPR apprentice. The ability of this license plate recognition software to learn in real time, just like a human being does, allows to recognize patterns and generate knowledge optimizing processes, reducing errors and incorporating new data rules.

For large parking operators and manufacturers of automation systems (PARCS or PMS) with international management, one of the main demands is to find a versatile and effective license plate recognition solution when facing the incorporation of new number plate-based functionalities (#Ticketless , #PaybyPlate, #DynamicExit, #PaybyPlate). This ALPR solution must guarantee a high precision rate when dealing with complicated situations and accesses, as well as a high response speed in the incorporation of new languages, countries, formats and types of vehicles license plates.

Regarding SIRAM OCR5 the speed of adaptation is assured for being a technology based on Deep Learning, with our ALPR solution is possible to minimize learning periods due to the high automation. The first OCR5´s versions offered the chance to incorporate the identification of license plates from 25 countries. This process was achieved within 1.5 months, being a much faster process than using older Machine Learning or Computer Vision technologies, in which the training of a new country involved took between one and two months.

Countries recognized by OCR5
But the most remarkable point has been SIRAM OCR5 learning speed that allows the incorporation and recognition of a second budge of 50 new countries, since this process has been carried out in less than two weeks.

Nowadays, thanks to Deep learning, our ALPR OCR5 technological solution allows to recognize vehicles license plates  from more than 100 countries with a high accuracy rate, which in many of them is higher than 99%.

Countries recognized by OCR5

AMERICA: 22 | EUROPE: 49 | AFRICA: 18 | ASIA: 13 | OCEANIA: 3 

Looking for an ALPR partner worldwide? Access to full countries list here

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