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Countries Recognized by OCR5 Worlwide

Our ALPR solution (SIRAM OCR5) allows a fast learning process when adding new unrecognized countries. This means that the license plate recognition engine software responsible of the license plates identification can in a record time learn and support new license plates types from new unrecognized countries. Currently, thanks to deep learning, our Siram OCR5 ALPR solution allows recognizing more than 100 countries with a high success rate.

Nowadays, thanks to Deep learning, our ALPR OCR5 technological solution allows to recognize vehicles license plates  from more than 100 countries with a high accuracy rate, which in many of them is higher than 99%.

Countries recognized by OCR5

AMERICA: 22 | EUROPE: 49 | AFRICA: 18 | ASIA: 13 | OCEANIA: 3 

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