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Smart Roundabouts: The Camera as a Sensor for Traffic Management

SIRAM Counter City Traffic makes it possible to predict congestion and blockage at roundabouts and junctions in the city of Valencia using video analysis.

Urban traffic congestion is a major problem, not only in terms of time lost by drivers, but also in terms of controlling CO2 emissions and noise pollution. Large cities have already begun to take measures in the intelligent management of traffic, as is the case of the Community of Valencia, which has relied on our SIRAM Counter City Traffic technology for the intelligent management of its streets and roundabouts through video analysis.

One of the keys to the Valencia City Council project is the congestion of the roundabouts to access the city, where a high concentration of vehicles and high CO2 emissions are detected. For this purpose, already installed traffic management cameras have been used, which through video analytics allow to know the traffic density through Siram Counter City Traffic, in addition, it allows to evaluate the evolution of traffic in real time and anticipate the blocking of the roundabout. more than 10 minutes before it occurs.This makes it possible to apply automated preventive measures in real time to avoid such severe traffic blockages, since reactive measures do not prevent blocking and may require a long time to resolve.

To guarantee maximum deployment and the construction of a comprehensive traffic management system, our video analysis solutions are easily integrated into any traffic management platform, allowing the definition of automated rules for intelligent traffic management.

Rotondas inteligentes con Vídeo Análisis


Thanks to SIRAM Counter CIty Traffic technology based on deep learning, it is possible to have a system with artificial intelligence in constant learning, allowing forecasting and optimal traffic modeling. The technological adaptation is dynamic and adjusts to the real traffic situation, enabling a correct flow and a reduction in accidents and CO2 emissions. Our technology provides key information on the current situation in real time of each roundabout and its surroundings in order to make decisions on time.



Our congratulations and thanks to the Valencia City Council, for its great innovative commitment to improve mobility, approaching the objectives set by the 2030 Agenda and the European commitments to reduce pollution. The ultimate goal of all public administration is to achieve increasingly eco-friendly Smart Cities, where ensuring the safety and protection of citizens is the top priority.

The latest generation of Artificial Intelligence technology for traffic management through video analysis offers various predictive functions for Smart & Green Cities. Find out how our smart solution SIRAM Counter City Traffic can improve traffic in your city! Request a free demo.

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