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10 years dedicated to Deep Learning

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Our technological solutions speak for themselves: +99.5% accuracy and effectiveness. Our track record in AI allows us to make a difference in the sector.

As the years go by, we celebrate 10 years of developing ALPR and video analysis solutions based on deep learning (AI). Following 18 years of developing technological solutions for parking management and access control, we now mark a decade-long journey of researching and developing intelligent solutions based on artificial intelligence. Since 2014, when we embarked on the path of deep learning, our goal has been to launch useful and efficient technologies to the market. And we’ve achieved it (and continue to do so)! Our journey brings rewards, as we’re pioneering in the parking and mobility market, offering ALPR solutions with an accuracy rate exceeding 99.5%. The reliability of our ALPR technology has been certified by an external entity, Applus+. Additionally, our vehicle counting technology in the USA ensures a verified accuracy rate exceeding 99%.

Thanks to our investment in R&D and cutting-edge technology, we’ve been able to anticipate the sector’s needs by offering innovative technological solutions. This exceptional performance in video analytics and ALPR efficiency consolidates our position as leaders in the parking and mobility management industry, developing intelligent video analytics and ALPR technologies. Join the change with our Smart IA technology!

10 years dedicated to Deep Learning development

Smart Solutions for Smart Projects

With over 18 years of experience, we specialize in developing and delivering ALPR and video analysis solutions for Smart Parking Management and Smart Cities. Thanks to our innovation team, we offer a wide range of intelligent solutions based on video analytics and ALPR. The opportunities are endless with our deep learning-based technology: from ticketless/barrierless parking systems to vehicle guidance and space management.

Our ALPR solutions enable advanced services in the parking sector, including ticketless, barrierless, free-flow, and guidance systems, among others:


ALPR in more than 50 countries

Operating in over 50 countries, our extensive experience in license plate recognition has led us to collaborate with major installers and manufacturers in the parking and security sectors. Our products are installed in over 20,000 lanes across 50+ countries, maximizing the effectiveness of parking systems and access control while providing a seamless user experience. We are committed to technology solutions focused on improving parking system efficiency and facilitating a comprehensive user experience in mobility.

Time and experience are the pillars of wisdom. Our technological solutions speak for themselves: with a certified accuracy rate of +99.5% by an independent entity. Our long-standing expertise in AI allows us to make a difference in the sector. Celebrate our tenth anniversary by installing our video analysis and Smart ALPR solutions for Parking and Mobility!

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