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New Incorporations at Innova Systems Group

At Innova Systems Group we are still betting on our technological expansion, not only at a national level but also internationally.

An African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. This is the reason why at Innova Systems Group we have “enlarged” our family with two experts in the field of LPR technologies and access control solutions. Read more about them!

JULI VERGE – Business Development Manager

Industrial Engineer from UPC-Barcelona and with a bachelor’s degree from the French Lyceum in Barcelona, ​​Juli Verge joined the team of Innova Systems Group as Business Development Manager.

With more than 26 years of experience in the Parking Sector, Juli has held different positions in different companies such as SUMIPAR, AMANO-SPAIN and AFAPARK as Project Manager, Marketing Director, Commercial Director, General Manager and Business Consultant Specialist. Juli defines himself as a passionate about the applied technology, and LPR solutions are a clear example of technology applied to access control systems in Parkings in order to help users interaction.

His passion became his profession, and in 1994 he led at SUMIPAR Teletac a payment project on 11 tracks in La Caixa Parking (Barcelona). In 2008, with AMANO-SPAIN, he installed the first payment system with prepaid card at the Hospital MOISÉS BROGGI´s Parking (Barcelona). In 2016 he collaborated with AFAPARK in a revolutionary project “Find your Car” in Paris, a solution that allows to find the vehicle inside a car parking using the mobile phone.

When we asked about his professional goals, Juli does not hesitate “I like great challenges and I think that an excellent relationship with Clients and a great Team Work is the way to achieve them“.


Contactar Juli Verge en Innova Systems GRoup Mob.: +34 671 552 164
Ph. France: +33 1 86651053
Ph.: +34 935 797 238
Skype: juli.verge


JOSE LUIS MARTIN – Technical Area Manager

Our service aim not only encompasses excellence and quality in our LPR solutions, but also in an efficient and close customer service. José Luis Martín combines these skills as responsible for the technical department offering product support to our clients and coordinating internal technical areas.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the vehicle access control area and having collaborated in various areas of Customer Service as a technician and team leader, José Luis becomes a key profile in our team.

He is inspired by a Richard Branson´s quote “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers” because he is convinced that in professional relationships, the human factor is as important as the economic one. “I try to have a nice and comfortable relationship with clients and my team, as well as actively participate in finding solutions to satisfy client´s needs“, says José Luis.


Contactar José Luis Martin en Innova Systems Group Mob.: +34 601 602 899
Ph.: +34 935 797 238
Skype: jlmartin innova



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