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LPR Access Control in the Food Industry

Food companies such as Campofrío, Heineken, BonArea, Mahou, Osi Foods and Consum trust SIRAM OCR5 for automated access control management at their headquarters installations, achieving a success rate over 99% and greater efficiency in the flow of vehicles.

 The food industry, classified as an essential service, is a critical infrastructure that requires a high security protocol plus a dynamic and precise access control system that prevents the access of not authorized vehicles and outsiders. SIRAM products improve the security of each installation base on AI developments

In an active environment where the access/exit of employees and trucks handling, preparing and storing different kinds of goods; an effective access control system is a top priority and, therefore, our technological solution SIRAM OCR becomes a great ally for the logistics and food industry. Once again, Innova is recognized as a trusted technological partner for access control management.

The constant flow of cars, trucks and other logistic vehicles is the usual rhythm in food industries where employees and vehicles that transport raw materials circulate around the enclosure. The correct recognition and identification of these vehicles to be able to guide them to employee parking spaces and to the loading/unloading lanes allows the optimization of workflows, reducing operating costs and time. SIRAM OCR5 improves access control systems in several food companies, offering an accuracy rate greater than 99% and providing efficiency in the flow of vehicles through various technological functionalities.

The versatility of our LPR access control software allowed us to fulfill the needs of companies such as Campofrío, Heineken, Bonarea, Mahou, Osi Foods and Consum based on an effective integration with different access platforms, or, through our own SIRAM SUITE management software.

The access control requirements in the food industry are based on two  functionalities: 1) access control of employee vehicles and 2) control and management of logistic trucks that access the enclosure with loading and unloading tasks. SIRAM OCR5 allows efficient management of access/exits and free/occupied parking slots through several functionalities guaranteeing the automatic recognition of the license plate and avoiding congestion at the access points.

LPR Access Control in critical infrastructures 

The most important factors to take into account when installing an access control system in food industries are the versatility and reliability of the license plate recognition system since the truck entrance and exit accesses require a system to read license plates that fit the width of the lanes. In addition, it is necessary to have an LPR system that can offer an accurate recognition of vehicles that enter the enclosure from different access angles, inclinations and positions that affect the readability of the license plate.

SIRAM OCR5 is license plate recognition software that offers maximum compatibility and integration with various security and parking management protocols. In addition, thanks to its Deep Learning algorithms, it allows adding functionalities to the access control system in order to increase efficiency and safety standards, such as SIRAM MAKE, which recognizes the brand, vehicle type and vehicle color; SIRAM COUNTER that allows the counting of vehicles and people to keep a record of entries and exits as the control of free/occupied slots, or our TWINPLATE solution that is optimal for complex lanes since it allows managing multiple LPR cameras installed in the same lane.

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