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Video Analytics for ALPR: SIRAM Analytics

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Innova launches a new video analytics solution for identifying vehicle´s features and characteristics such as type of vehicle and brand. SIRAM Analytics is a perfect solution together with our ALPR technology OCR5.

Video Analytics can be a key solution for ALPR systems. Data is power: power to analyze, power to define trends, power to optimize processes… In a technological world, where everything can be turned into a piece of data, the market requires technology to recover, store, interpret and organize information. In ALPR sector data optimizes the way data can be used, and opens the door to business intelligence where new ways of organization and work-flow can be defined. Are you looking for an analytics technology to connect to your Access Control and Security system? Discover our SIRAM Analytics for ALPR Systems.

SIRAM Analytics & OCR5 - Video Analytics
SIRAM Analytics is a video analytics solution that can identify through the license plate recognition, brand and type of vehicle. This analytical solution, based on Deep Learning, is able to discover data relationships from video images, predict unknown outcomes and, if it is required, automate different decisions. A clear example can be: imagine that you manage a parking lot where you receive thousands of vehicles every day. This includes different types of vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, vans, etc. In order to organize the parking lots, you have defined a specific rate for each type of vehicle. How to check that everything is working correctly? SIRAM Analytics allows you to identify vehicle type and brand through automatic license plate recognition. In other words, it is capable of converting video images into valuable data to improve your business.


During the last years, video analytics has begun to gain importance in parking and security businesses, including public and private, with the aim of controlling what happens in their parkings lots and surroundings.

SIRAM Analytics add extra functionality to our ALPR technology OCR5 based in Deep Learning. Currently this analytics solution can identify the type of vehicle and brand, but taking into consideration the capacity of this technology based on Deep Learning that allows to automate processes and learn naturally acquiring information through experience (just like any human being), it is also fully scalable to other types of learning and functionalities.

If you want to learn more about our SIRAM Analytics and how you can improve your ALPR System, contact us!


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