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The parking garage of the Future

Innova updates its Siram TwinPlate middleware to ensure 24/7 full operation for efficient parking management. 

Most of the new services offered by the parking operators, like book, pay, access for subscribers or charging the EV, also including the new ticketless and barrierless features, are services based on the number plate or licence plate of the vehicle. Therefore, the effective control of accesses and exits is key in the optimal management of car parks, not only to improve the user experience and guarantee maximum security but, fundamentally, to avoid the loss of income by car park operators. At Innova we have been working with two ALPR solutions to guarantee maximum parking performance and accuracy: SIRAM TwinPlate and Splitter Module, server base or embedded solutions

Ticketless and barrierless solutions are increasingly in demand in the parking sector, but for the correct implementation and operation of these systems it is essential to have effective and well integrated ALPR and PMS technological solutions. When looking for an ALPR solution that allows the implementation of several profitable services based on the number plate, it is necessary to have a system that assures maximum quality of service and a high success rate. Faced with this type of parking management projects, our TwinPlate or Splitter solutions become a perfect technological ally that allows us to successfully solve any problem related to the 24/7 precision and functionality of the recognition equipment.

Although our OCR5 license plate recognition software already offers a real success rate of over 99% thanks to its Deep Learning algorithm base and the possibility of working with color images. The Splitter and/or TwinPlate modules are ideal for those projects that require an installation of more than one camera per lane to read the front/rear license plate, among other requirements. In this way, as soon as the license plate reading request is received, it sends the request to the different cameras and returns the best of the results obtained from each OCR.


Splitter and/or TwinPlate modules ALPR

The Splitter module incorporated in SIRAM OCR5 or the TwinPlate middleware solution allows managing up to 5 license plate recognition cameras installed in the same lane, allowing to increase the reliability rate even in complex lanes. In addition, the Splitter and TwinPlate solutions integrated into the PMS/PARCS systems offer a completely contactless parking experience, expanding the business options and services to the parking operators.

Features TwinPlate vs Splitter middleware ALPR

The Splitter solution, like other products offered in the parking sector, allows systems to have more than one camera on the same lane, transparently for the PMS/PARCS system. This solution leads to an increased accuracy rate by combining front and rear cameras, as well as allowing the adaptation of the ALPR system to complex lanes.

The main competitive advantage of the SIRAM TwinPlate middleware is that if a lane camera falls, the system continues working as all cameras on the lane are MASTER ones. This guarantees a full never-stop service which means that no technical incidents can affect the flow of reading and recognition of license plates. 

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