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Innova Academy: Be part of our ALPR Universe

Just one click from our online training platform. Learn more about ALPR Innova Academy.

In this digital era, where the knowledge flows from one hemisphere to another, the information is shared transversally from one sector to another pushing and initiating new developments, where networking opens a big gate to new collaborations and new businesses ideas, Innova Academy is released. Yes, in the middle of this knowledge and information flow, Innova Systems Group launches its Online Academy, a training platform full of technical content to allow free access to clients and partners to gain knowledge about our ALPR technological solutions SIRAM.

Innova Academy opens the door to free access information (know-how) to clients, partners and other companies operating in the parking, security and access control sector. By using this training platform, all registered users can access to different learning contents such as video, guides and tutorials about all Innova´s technological solutions. Unique content of technical value has been published within this online academy so that our customers and partners can take full advantage of Innova solutions.

“Innova Academy is synonymous with turnkey knowledge, for us it means empowering our clients and partners so that they can take full advantage of all the functionalities and benefits that our ALPR technology solutions offer… Just sharing our know-how“, says Antonio García, CEO of Innova Systems Group.

Nowadays, we are all facing a global health emergency situation where collaboration has turned an essential value, this is one of the main reasons to launch Innova Academy. At this online academy our ALPR training content is structured and endowed with value through videos, guides and tutorials to strengthen our philosophy 360º service.

Innova Academy ALPR
Innova Academy content is free for registered users, this means that, to be able to access unlimitedly and 100% safely, it is necessary to register on our site and thus be able to enjoy this universe of training about ALPR technology.

Innova Academy platform provides a complete ecosystem regarding our ALPR technology solutions, whether to support the commercialization, installation and configuration of SIRAM solutions in public parking, access control systems for security, residential accesses or urban traffic installations. Our project is ambitious, we have managed to combine our technological developments and commercial and technical support under the same concept, which will allow different companies to access and manage their own internal technical capabilities accompanied by our know-how and advice via Innova Academy.

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