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Saba Adif

Public parking facilities managed by SABA


Major high-speed train (AVE) stations in Spain have public parking facilities managed by SABA, one of the leading parking operators worldwide.

Client’s Needs

Train stations, being part of critical infrastructure, require special surveillance by security departments and law enforcement agencies. Therefore, being able to identify the vehicles accessing the premises and parking areas is an essential part of risk prevention in this type of infrastructure. This was a crucial requirement for SABA, along with the efficient management of parking spaces through TAG payment systems or conventional tickets.

Solution & Technology

The access to the parking lots is managed by the parking automation system, but the license plate recognition system records each vehicle entering the premises. The SIRAM OCR5 solution has been installed in many of these parking facilities, serving a dual purpose: security and parking management. Once SIRAM recognizes the license plate, it stores this data and the captured image in the system’s database.

In case of an incident or loss of ticket by the customer, it is possible to consult the date and time of vehicle entry. To do this, simply perform a search in the SIRAM database by license plate number, and we obtain as a result all the movements associated with that license plate, as well as the corresponding image.

Being a critical infrastructure environment, it is very important to be able to identify the vehicle entering the parking lot, whether it is a short-term stay or a longer period, as well as to know the vehicles that overnight in the parking facility. This query can be performed with a single mouse click, requesting the system to provide a list of vehicles in stock at a given moment.

Among the more than 40 train stations that already have our SIRAM OCR5 system, the following should be highlighted:


SIRAM OCR5 has been installed in many of these parking facilities, serving a dual purpose: security and parking management.

Project Details

Client: Saba AVE
Solution: Parking
Tecnología: #OCR5, #SIRAM Totem

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