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Municipal Parking Operator

Ticketless and barrierless management in public parking


It is a municipal operator of public car parks that manages spaces for vehicles and motorcycles in the city of Madrid. Its commitment to sustainable mobility planning has led operators to opt for ticketless and barrierless solutions.

Client’s Needs

The need for this parking operator was to guarantee a ticketless service to its customers and subscribers based on license plate reading. To do this, I was looking for software that guarantees effective access and exit control in order to improve the user experience and guarantee maximum security.

Solution & Technology

Ticketless and barrierless solutions are increasingly in demand in the parking sector, but for the correct implementation and operation of these systems it is essential to have effective and well-integrated LPR and PMS technological solutions. In the case of this public car park, the operator needed software capable of managing ticketless car parks. For this, our TwinPlate or Splitter technological solutions have been installed to guarantee total precision and 24/7 functionality of the recognition equipment.

The Splitter and/or TwinPlate modules allow the installation of more than one camera per lane to read the front/rear license plate, so as soon as the license plate reading request is received, it sends the request to the different cameras and returns the best of the results obtained. for each OCR. The Splitter module incorporated in SIRAM OCR5 or the TwinPlate middleware solution makes it possible to manage up to 5 license plate recognition cameras installed in the same lane, thus increasing the reliability rate even in complex lanes. In addition, the Splitter and TwinPlate solutions integrated into the PMS/PARCS systems offer a completely contactless parking experience, expanding business options and services to parking operators.

The main competitive advantage of the SIRAM TwinPlate middleware is that if a lane camera goes down, the system continues to function, since all lane cameras are MASTER. This guarantees a complete and uninterrupted service, which means that no technical incident can affect the flow of license plate reading and recognition.

Siram TwinPlate guarantees 24/7 operation for efficient ticketless and barrierless parking management.

Project Details

Client: Parking Operator
Solution: Parking
Technology: #OCR5, #SIRAM TwinPlate

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