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Click&Collect ALPR Technology: E.Leclerc Drive


The cooperative society and hypermarket chain Leclerc, headquartered in Ivry-sur-Seine, was founded in 1948. Currently, it has over 500 locations in France and 114 stores in other European countries. It is one of the consumers’ favorite supermarkets, not only for its variety of products but also for being pioneers in environmental good practices and offering value-added services to its customers.

Client’s Needs

In order to optimize resources and improve the order management service, Leclerc supermarket needed a technological system that would allow for the identification of customers’ vehicle license plates as soon as they entered the supermarket parking lot and issue an order to the order preparation system for proper delivery to the corresponding parking space.

Solution & Technology

The service involves a click&collect system synchronized with the vehicle license plate numbers for order pickup. In this way, the customer can conveniently do their shopping from home or office and, after 2 hours, collect it with their vehicle at the Leclerc facilities. The versatility of SIRAM OCR5 facilitates integration with any existing system that requires license plate reading to provide new services to the customer. In the case of Leclerc, the Vinci Energies software informs the customer, through an informative panel, which lane to go to for order pickup, resulting in a significant improvement in delivery times and order management.

Leclerc Drive relies on SIRAM OCR5 to implement an order pickup automation system, Click&Collect.

Project Details

Cliente: E. Leclerc
Solución: Retail
Technology: #OCR5

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