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Barreiro Planet Shopping Center

LPR access control system shopping center


Barreiro Planet is a commercial area made up of a Retail Park and a shopping center that consists of shops, a supermarket, restaurants, a service station.

Client’s Needs

Taking into account the particularity of this type of establishment, the shopping center needed to have an intelligent parking management system to have a license plate recognition system for authorized employees outside business hours and access to occupancy analytics for the spaces.

Solution & Technology

After analyzing the parking facilities of the Barreriro Planet shopping center, Innova has decided to implement ALPR OCR5 technology to allow access to authorized personnel outside of public opening hours. In other words, if store employees have to enter when the entrances are closed to the public, they can do so using their vehicle registration number. Within the opening hours of the shopping center, the SIRAM system captures all the vehicles that enter and leave the shopping center, although it does not have to operate the barriers because they are already open.

In this project the SIRAM system is used with a triple functionality:


  • Automatically authorize the entry of whitelisted vehicles outside shopping center opening hours
  • During shopping center opening hours, being able to identify blacklisted vehicles that enter the car park and notify the security team to be able to take the pertinent actions.
  • In addition, the SIRAM system provides the operations and marketing department with information on car park occupancy based on the time slot and average customer stay times.
OCR5 allows you to create white lists to add license plates of authorized employees outside of business hours and access to occupancy analytics for seats.

Project Details

Client: Barreiro Planet
Solution: Access Control
Technology: #OCR5, #SIRAM Compact

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