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Urban Traffic LPR Solution

Control of the urban traffic

In the case of the recognition of vehicle license plates in urban traffic environments (Free Flow), the main features of the vehicles identification system are associated to the security and the management of the traffic in:

Accesses to urban areas

Zones of limited access

Industrial parks

Isolated housing estates

Petrol stations

Environments of critical infrastructures

Traffic management

Statistics of circulation and traffic volume in the accesses to the conurbation

Safety. Loitering patterns

Alarms according to suspicious behaviours

Black Lists

Possibility of Black Lists for vehicles in Database of the Police

Identification of vehicles

Identification of vehicles driving in the vicinity of places where crimes have been committed


The main places of installation are the accesses to conurbations, zones of limited access, border controls, petrol stations, residential areas (condominium or housing estates) and around critical infrastructures.

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