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Malls: Vehicle access control

Access to shopping centres

Shopping malls have become places where users can not only find all kinds of shops, but also a wide range of leisure and entertainment options such as restaurants, cinemas, bowling, bars, among other recreational facilities. Due to the high number of visitors, it is essential to guarantee the most advanced security measures in order to protect malls´s users. For that reason, SIRAM becomes an efficient LPR technological solution for shopping malls either for security and/or marketing purposes.


In which it is possible to identify stolen cars or cars in the black list


It allows to obtain information related to behavioural patterns of the consumer

Identification of stolen cars

It is possible to connect the system to the external databases to locate stolen cars

Statistics of Access and Occupation

It is possible, with the available information, to perform different types of access and occupation statistics of the parking

Average times of stay

It is possible to perform calculations of average times of stay, or by vehicle, with the information available in the database

Prevention of occupation by NON customers

In the event of courtesy times, by using the license plate it is possible to avoid the occupation of the parking by vehicles of NON customers who only use the parking

LPR Solutions for Shopping Malls: Security Access Control


With our LPR SIRAM solution for shopping malls, the access of vehicles can be controlled and identified using our technology of automatic license plates recognition whether they are employees, VIPs or even vehicles registered in blacklists, and take any security measure.


From the marketing point of view, the recognition of license plates in the parking allows to obtain information related to behavioural patterns of the consumer, average times of stay and occupation, capacity of attraction of the shopping centre or campaign personalization in accordance with the driver.

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