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SIRAM Space Sensor

Are you looking for a guidance solution to integrate into your parking system (PGS CB)? Discover our SIRAM Space Sensor module, a free / occupied parking slots detection solution based on Deep Learning technology through the analysis of camera image. A great option to integrate into your guidance system at public parking slots.

With a success rate of 99.7%, SIRAM Space Sensor allows the identification of parkings slots with total independence of the detection and recognition of license plates (ALPR). This module is fully integrable, in addition to being a robust system for changes in the image scene.SIRAM Space Sensor


  • Accuracy & Success rate 99,7%
  • Parking Slots status detection with independency from license plate recognition
  • Server based module or embedded inside camera
  • Robust efficient system solving any changes in the image scene (glare, shopping carts, people interception, etc.)
  • It can be complemented with OCR5 and SIRAM MAKE
  • Easily integrable


ACCESS WEB: ALPR Plug & Play Solution, for small / basics installations or multi-sites.

All-in-One: Simplify your Vehicle Access Control System with these i-SIRAM Cameras.

A vehicle access control solution based on CCTV cameras (Plug & Play).

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