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SIRAM: Software LPR


The intelligent automatic number plate recognition system (SIRAM Access Web v.5) allows for the automatic identification
of the vehicles accessing the different types of car parks, entering controlled access areas or being driven in a particular lane.

For this, the system stores each movement in a log with the following information: number plate recognised, date and time of movement, lane in which the movement occurs and the image associated with the movement.


SIRAM is a very useful tool in relation to the security of people and property, traffic management and the management of restricted access to complexes or urban areas. There is also the option to have other optional modules of the Suite that provide specific solutions for particular scenarios.

Some of these solutions are related to the management of cross-arrow signs for the opening or closing of lanes in logistics parks, the management of available spaces in stock and their display on information panels, the control of space/full signs, the management of lorry lanes with more tan one number plate, the regulation of bidirectional lanes through traffic lights and the transmission of alarms to remote control posts or by email.

SIRAM ACCESS WEB (v. 5) - ALPR Technology


Siram Access Web v.5 for vehicle access control incorporates the following features:

  • Real-time visualisation of the access via web browser ((Maximum lanes according to license)
  • Management of multiple authorised groups. Registration, removal, assignment of time slots, assignment of multiple vehicles, expiry and number of spaces.
  • Management of a Black List. Registrations, removals and modifications.
  • Time slots for authorised individuals.
  • Authorized groups in each configurable lane.
  • Multi stock
  • Multiple user profiles. Assignment of privileges and groups that can manage.
  • Operating mode Attended and Unattended (resolution by timeout with default action)
  • Incident management by multiple operators (registration correction and manual opening) It allows to create manual movements in the database.
  • Barrier control from the software.
  • Automatic opening according to authorization, manual opening, open lock and closed barrier lock.
  • Stock management by group and authorized.
  • Consultations of movements, groups (authorized, visits and blacklists), times of stay or vehicles inside the enclosure).
  • Degraded mode without backend connection (automatic resolution with default action)
  • Multi-center



Version Mini SIRAM Access Web
Version Lite SIRAM Access Web
Version Server SIRAM Access Web
Version Enterprise SIRAM Access Web

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