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Urban Traffic Control – Paterna City Hall

Security and traffic management in the accesses to the city and to the industrial park

The municipality of Paterna is located in the province of Valencia (Spain), and here we can find a great industrial park and a technological park.
The SIRAM solution has been installed in the municipality of Paterna with the purpose of managing the security and the traffic in the accesses to the city and to the industrial park.

Details of the project

Customer: City council of Paterna
Year: 2007
Number of lanes: 20
Architecture Hardware: Server


The city council has 20 cameras with the characteristics required for the identification of the license plates of the vehicles circulating along certain lanes of access to the municipality or the industrial park.

The SIRAM system recognises every license plate of the vehicles circulating along such lanes and such records are saved temporarily in the system. In addition to it, when a license plate is recognised, it is studied if the same is located in the black list, in light of which an alarm will be generated to the operator of the police who is managing the system.

Safe accesses to the city

The Local Police has as a mission guaranteeing the security in the urban environment and in the industrial park. The SIRAM solution is a tool of help to the operator of the system, as it allows to communicate automatically the alarm in case of detecting a vehicle in the black list, and it allows to identify and locate suspicious vehicles if a crime has been committed.

The SIRAM system is integrated in the video software (VMS), which enables to send to this one the license plates read, as well as performing searches by number of license plate of the sequence of video of the transit of a vehicle within an area.

Used software


  • SIRAM TRAFFIC EXPRESS (Suite for the Urban Traffic)

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