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Vehicle Access Control – Barreiro Planet Mall

Installation in shopping centre Barreiro Planet

Barreiro planet is a shopping area composed of a Retail Park and a shopping centre consisting of shops, hypermarket, restaurants and service station.

Details of the project

Customer: Barreiro Retail Planet
Year: 2010
Number of lanes: 4
Architecture Hardware: Server


In the case of the shopping center Barreiro Planet, the system SIRAM is used to allow the access to the authorised staff outside the opening hours. That is, if the employees of the shops must enter when the accesses are closed to the public, they can do it through the license plate of their vehicle.
During the opening hours of the shopping centre, the system SIRAM performs the capture of all the vehicles that enter and exit the shopping center, even though it does not have to operate the barriers because these ones are already open.

Parking procedure in Shopping Centre

In this project the system SIRAM is used with a triple function:

  • To authorise automatically the entry of the vehicles in white list outside opening hours of the shopping center
  • During the opening hours of the shopping center, to be able to identify vehicles in black list who enter in the parking and to give notice to the security team so as to be able to take the pertinent steps.
  • Additionally, the system SIRAM provides to the department of operations and marketing information about the occupation of the parking based on the time frame and average times of stay of the customers.

Used Hardware

In this project the OCR has been used in trigger mode through a loop of vehicle presence detection. Regarding the capture unit, in every case it has been used the same type of wardrobe.



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