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LPR Technology for Vehicle Access Control in FCBarcelona

LPR Access Control – FC Barcelona Joan Gamper

LPR Technology for Vehicle Access Control in FC Barcelona

Recognized worldwide, the Football Club Barcelona is synonymous of sportsmanship and quality of fair play. Founded in 1899, this club generates millions of followers and fans year after year, also attracts tourists and visitors to its facilities in a massive way (sports matches, Camp Experience Museum, conferences, shops, etc.)

The Joan Gamper Sports City is a sports complex of the Football Club Barcelona, with an area larger than 150,000 m², where the training of the first, second and lower teams of the club takes place. The large influx of pedestrians and vehicles has required the installation of our SIRAM Access Control technology and our SIRAM Compact capture unit at the entrance of the site for the automatic recognition of license plates.

Details of the project

Client: FC Barcelona – Joan Gamper
Year: 2012
Number of lanes: 1
Architecture Hardware: Siram Wiegand

Access Control Security ALPR


Taking into account the constant flow of people and vehicles, and the need to control access to the site, FC Barcelona has chosen to combine its access control system at the Joan Gamper venue with our SIRAM LPR technology to offer greater efficiency and security. The access control system used in the FC Barcelona facilities has been a great challenge in terms of the integration and synchronization of the LPR system through the Wiegand protocol.

In order to ensure the perfect integration of our LPR technology with the existing access control system, from Innova Systems Group we decided to develop and use Siram Wiegand in combination with the SIRAM Compact capture unit. This LPR solution allows an unequivocal and effective integration with the existing access control system of FC Barcelona – Joan Gamper, behaving like any card reader but which identifies vehicles through its license plate.

Access Control LPR Recognition – FC Barcelona

High security automated access

Our technological solution LPR is integrated to the access control system via Wiegand, a protocol adapted to cover all the needs of the access control system. These are the features that SIRAM provides:

  • Automatic identification of all vehicles trying to access the site.
  • Sending the recognized registration in Wiegand format.
  • The barrier opening carried out by the access control electronics.

Hardware used

The facilities of the sports city Joan Gamper of the Football Club Barcelona, ​​demand versatile and 100% reliable capture units. On the other hand, the LPR Siram Compact camera adapts perfectly to the space available on the access island to the parking lot. For the detection of the vehicle and firing of the OCR, the control electronics SIRAM Conex IP01 has been used, which in turn also allows receiving orders from the access control system to open the access barriers.

Used Software

SIRAM OCR is an advanced technology that efficiently and univocally allows the automatic recognition of license plates through the installation of capture units or LPR cameras.

SIRAM WIEGAND is the module of the Siram Suite responsible for converting the alphanumeric code of the license plate to a Wiegand code understandable by the access control system.

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