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ALPR Technology for Vehicle Access Control in Mediamarkt Logistic Area

LPR Access Control – Logistic Area Mediamarkt Madrid

LPR Technology for Vehicle Access Control in Mediamarkt´s Logistics Area

Mediamarkt is a world-renowned brand for the sale of household appliances, computers and consumer electronics. With its main offices in Germany, Mediamarkt has managed to become the largest European retailer of consumer electronics.

Taking into account its security system and the constant mobility of employees and merchandise, Mediamarkt has decided to implement our LPR access control system based in automatic recognition and reading license plates technology SIRAM in the first of its stores in MAdrid. Our LPR technology effectively fulfills Mediamarkt requeriments of automating the access of authorized vehicles in restricted areas and loading and unloading areas.

Details of the project

Client: Mediamarkt
Year: 2017
Number of lanes: 1
Architecture Hardware: Server

Access Control Security ALPR


In order to fufllfill the specific features Mediamarkt´s restricted access and authorized vehicles system and the integration of our LPR technology with the existing access control system to ensure maximum safety of the enclosure and surroundings, from Innova Systems Group we have designed a solution that combines our LPR Siram Desico technology and the SIRAM Totem capture units.

The key to this LPR access control installation is the reliability rate offered by SIRAM. Our solution allows an unequivocal and effective integration with the existing Mediamarkt´s access control system, working as any card reader plus providing vehicles identification data through its license plate recognition OCR.

Access Control LPR Recognition – Logistic Area Mediamarkt

High security automated access

SIRAM technology is linked to the logistics operation process of the commercial zone, being a tool that adds efficiency and security to the merchandise control management, as well as vehicles access and exits. These are the features that SIRAM provides:

  • Automatic identification of all vehicles trying to access Mediamarkt´s logistic area.
  • Registration, recording and delivery of recognized license plate and the captured image.
  • The barrier opening carried out by the access control electronics or by Siram Conex.

Hardware used

Mediamarkt´s facilities at Madrid store and logistic area require robust capture units that can provide an effective plate recognition and reading in wide lanes where trucks circulate. To fullfill their needs our capture unit LPR SIRAM Totem have been installed due to its easy integration in lanes.

For the detection of the vehicle and OCR shooting, the control electronics SIRAM Conex IP01 has been used to allow receiving orders from the access control system to perform the opening of the barriers, and thus fulfill the functional requirements at Mediamarkt.

Used Software

SIRAM OCR is an advanced technology that allows the automatic recognition of license plates in an efficient and unambiguous way through the installation of capture units or LPR cameras.

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