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Vehicle Access Control – FedEX

Control Accesos ANPR FedEX

LPR Technology for Vehicle Access Control at FedEX Barcelona

FedEx has opened a new operations center in Zona Franca – Barcelona, which will be responsible for managing national and international shipments. The new FedEx Express Center in Barcelona occupies more than 16,000 square meters and has been equipped with the latest LPR technology.

Details of the project

Client: FedEX
Year: 2017
Number of lanes: 4
Architecture Hardware: Server


Taking into account both FedEX needs, vehicle access control and ensure the safety of the enclosure and surroundings, from Innova Systems Group we have designed a solution that combines our SIRAM Suite technology and our capture units SIRAM Compact.

An important factor in this installation is the speed and reliability of the license plate recognition system using SIRAM OCR, as the entry and exit of vehicles is concentrated in very small time slots, demanding a license plate recognition solution to operate without interruptions in moments of maximum affluence. SIRAM Suite is perfect for FedEX´s workflow.

FedEX Barcelona - Control de Accesos ANPR

High Security Access

SIRAM system is linked to the logistics center operation process, being a tool that adds efficiency and security to the management of vehicle access control. SIRAM provides:

  • Automatic access of all authorized vehicles, whether trucks, vans or cars.
  • Registration of vehicles with authorization of temporary access to the centre.
  • Management of stay-periods in the enclosure.
  • Information about all vehicles that are inside the centre at all times.

Used Hardware

FedEX installations at Zona Franca require capture units that can provide an effective and fast plates readding and recognition. To do this, our LPR SIRAM Totem Compact capture unit has been chosen taking into account the location of these in lanes.

Used Software

SIRAM OCR is an advanced technology that allows the automatic recognition of license plates in an efficient and unambiguous way through the installation of capture units or LPR cameras.

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In Innova Systems Group we are ready to face the numerous problems or needs which may be solved using a system of license plate recognition.
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We have more than 10 years’ experience in the recognition of license plates and more than 20 in the security field, we are convinced that we can provide global and creative solutions which satisfy your needs.

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