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Access Control – Borders El Salvador

Access Control – Borders Control El Salvador

LPR Technology for Vehicle Access Control for Customs El Salvador

The General Customs Management in El Salvador has implemented in all its borders control offices between Guatemala and Honduras a vehicle access control system based in our automatic plate recognition technology SIRAM. Our SIRAM technology works actively in border control points such as San Bartolo, Amatillo, Anguiatu, El Poy, Hachadura, Las Chinamas and San Cristóbal.

This project is part of a regional action plan financed by the World Bank to promote the integration and development of Central America.

Details of the project

Client: DGA El Salvador
Year: 2013
Number of lanes: 38 LPR cameras installed in 23 lanes of 7 control points (15 with Siram MulticamLane technology for trailers plate recognition)
Architecture Hardware: Distributed with DGA Databases in each Customs office and Database Master in the DGA. Real time synchronization.


Taking into account El Salvador DGA´s needs: vehicle access control at border crossings and an effective integration with its customs management system, from Innova Systems Group we have designed a solution that combines our technology:

– Siram MulticamLane to read front and back trailers and trucks plates
– Our LPR Camara SIRAM VIA L which incorporates higher IR power.
– Integration SIRAM Suite with local Database in each customs office.
– Finally, a complete synchronization module that allows grouping all the information in DGA´s database.

Through this technological Custom Access Control implementation, we pretend to automate and standardize the process of customs processing using SIRAM for the automatic plate recognition in each trailer and truck, and its integration into the central El Salvador DGA.

Access Control Trailers LPR Recognition – Customs El Salvador

High security automated border control

SIRAM technology is linked to the operation process at each border control point, being a tool that adds efficiency and security to the vehicle access control management. These are the features that SIRAM provides:

  • Automatic and real-time registration of all vehicles, whether trucks, pick-ups or cars that are crossing the border control point.
  • Real-time synchronization with the DGA’s central database, which allows the agents to carry out the electronic check of the customs forms based on vehicles license plates.
  • Automation of the process of inserting the number plate in the weighing register of goods transported by vehicles.
  • Transit Time Management of goods between customs of the country.

Hardware used

In the different customs offices, our LPR capture unit Siram Via L have been adapted to fulfil DGA´s needs and taking in consideration the different types of routes due to pedestrians in transit. The cameras were placed at crosier in order to provide a greater flexibility and IR power to reflect effectively license plates.

Used Software

SIRAM OCR is an advanced technology that allows the automatic recognition of license plates in an efficient and unambiguous way through the installation of capture units or LPR cameras.

  • SUITE SIRAM Access Control
  • SIRAM MulticamLane

An specialized software to manage up to three cameras in the same truck lane. This software allows to save the three license plates identified as a single record in the SIRAM DB truck movements table.

    • SIRAM Sync ODBC

Siram ODBC is a complementary application to the SiramMultiCamLane application. Its main function is to make insertions in external databases from the result provided by the SiramMultiCamLane, that is, the set of the two / three images resulting from the same movement.

Countries in which we operate

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