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Vehicle Access Control – Bank of Spain

Installation of the access controls to the Bank of Spain

The Bank of Spain is the body of the Spanish State which works as national central bank and, together with the European Central Bank, it works as supervisor of the Spanish banking system.
The SIRAM solution has been installed in the Bank of Spain with the aim of identifying vehicles who enter inside and who have access to the parking of the same.

Details of the project

Customer: Banco de España
Year: Fase 1: 2007 Fase 2: 2014
Number of lanes: 12
Architecture Hardware: Virtualization and clustering technologies


The access to the parking requires a double validation, first the vehicle and then the driver. The validation of the vehicle is performed through the recognition of the license plate.

Once SIRAM has recognised the license plate, it sends this datum and the image captured to the security platform which includes the access control both vehicular and of people. This last one decides whether to open or not.

High-security access

As it is a high-security environment it is very important to be able to validate the vehicle that intends to have access, both if it is an automatically authorised vehicle, or a programmed visit. Thus, we always have a record and images associated to the license plate of the vehicle.

Used Hardware

Based on the access, different types of capture unit have been used. In some accesses it has been used SIRAM VIA, in others the SIRAM TOTEM, and in other accesses with reduced space it has been used the SRAM COMPACT.



Used Software


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