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OCR5 ALPR | Innova Systems GroupSIRAM OCR is the software that allows for the automatic recognition of number plates for each capture unit or camera. There is a SIRAM OCR for each capture unit, it being possible to install multiple OCRs on the same computer and/or on different computers (Modular Architecture). The maximum number of OCRs per computer will depend on its specifications.

OCR 5 technology based on deep learning (ALPR) allows the integration and recognition of license plates from different countries, which are efficiently supported. More than 50 license plates from different continents, countries and alphabetic systems have been incorporated into the effectiveness of OCR 5.

Thanks to the rigor and functionality of this license plate reading technology, the effectiveness in the recognition and management of license plates characters is done with a minimum margin of error less than 0.09%, providing reliability in all access control and security systems required by parking management and companies. In addition, thanks to the technology used, qualitative advantages can be obtained when optimizing processes and improving experience of the users. Let’s see some examples:

  • Payment by plate or registration: This technology does not require the existence of ticket for the entry and exit of vehicles. The OCR 5 through the reading and recognition of the registration allows the opening of access barriers.
  • Dynamic Access and Exit: Thanks to the effectiveness of automatic reading, access and exit of vehicles is done dynamically allowing maximum efficiency in the management of parking spaces.
  • Prevention of fraud: The processes of subscription and payment of parking users are done safely avoiding all types of fraud.

OCR5 ALPR Solution | Innova Systems Group


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