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Innova Systems Group

Solutions based on artificial intelligence applications for the reading and recognition of license plates


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Innova Systems Group

Our activity is focused in the development of applications for our automatic recognition system of license plates (SIRAM), remaining market leaders of the access control with over 10.000 lanes installed in more than 30 countries.

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  • Customer satisfaction
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Innova´s mission is to provide solutions for access control and for the management of traffic based on innovative technologies such as the recognition of license plates. It is renowned due to its customer service quality, facilitating the personal and professional growth of its employees, encouraging reconciliation measures, a good work environment, equal opportunities, and generating solid and sustainable benefits. All of this, searching the common good of society through a policy of corporate social responsibility which helps and generates opportunities for the most disadvantaged, and taking care of the environment.


The values supporting the mission of the company are honesty, responsibility, commitment, solidarity and sustainability.


Innova´s vision is to create useful and sustainable technologies for society, without forgetting to enjoy doing our job as best as we know and can. That is why our commitment is the research, the development and the continuous innovation.

Manufacturers include SIRAM in their systems

Installed lanes

“Growth is not a purpose… it is the result of doing a good job”

Antonio Garcia

CEO, Innova Systems Group