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Embedded LPR Solutions

Nuevo OCR 5 - Software Reconocimiento de Matrículas
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Innovation always guides our developments for the automatic recognition of license plates (ANPR), therefore, we launched OCR 5 based on deep learning algorithms that allows to reach a success rate of up to 99% and a perfect adaptation to different license plate formats depending on the country it belongs.
Discover our sOCR 5 license plate recognition software:

  • New distribution in Engine Mode: OCR 5 allows the sending of images from another application and returns the recognized registration plus other relevant data (reliability rate by character, crop of the license plate, etc.).
  • Multiplatform: Full compatibility in Windows or Linux operating systems, such as Intel or ARM hardware platforms.
  • New Web ToolBox: Easy configuration and monitoring from a web browser and accessible from any connected device.
  • New embedded capture units: LPR cameras stand alone.


The convergence of embedded technologies and the IoT allows fanless CPUs with greater power in different architectures, without implying higher costs. Therefore, we have created new products that respond to the needs of our customers, taking full advantage of the technologies of the “Embedded World“. Meet Siram Access Go and Siram Access Box for Access Control based on LPR!

SIRAM ACCESS GO - Control Accesos Embedded LPR
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“Power ON”: LPR solution with embedded technology

If you are looking for a solution that provides efficiency and stability to your access control system, SIRAM ACCESS GO is your best option.

The SIRAM ACCESS GO solution includes:

  • Access control management software SIRAM ACCESS SUITE (Suite 3)
  • Fanless CPU for a quick and easy implementation
  • Remote installation and support service for 100% operational and efficient start-up
Contenidos SIRAM ACCESS GO - Control Accesos Embedded

Enter the world integrated in a single LPR KIT!

SIRAM ACCESS BOX - Control Accesos Embedded
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Everything you need ina single Box Kit

The SIRAM ACCESS BOX solution is synonymous of full integration in embedded access control. Our kit box includes an IP65 outdoor cabinet:

  • Access control software LPR SIRAM ACCESS SUITE (Suite 3)
  • Fanless CPU
  • Control Electronics Conex for the control of opening and closing of barriers and doors
  • Switch for maximum connectivity (industrial temperature range)
  • Power supply
  • Remote start-up support service
Contenidos SIRAM ACCESS BOX - Control Accesos Embedded

It has never been easier to implement an advanced LPR technology in your business.

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