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Elements SIRAM: A Modular IP Solution for LPR

SIRAM is a system based on the last technology for the automatic recognition of license plates, whose design has been performed following a modular and scalable architecture with the aim of providing a versatile, distributed, strong and easily integrated application.

The entire system consists of different hardware and software modules.

System components SIRAM

Capture units (cameras)


The set of elements that allows for photographs of the number plate being recognised to be taken.



The software that allows for the automatic recognition of number plates for each capture unit.



The device which tells us when a vehicle arrives at the access control point, so that we can take photographs of the number plate and activate external elements such as barriers, traffic lights and blades through the relay outputs.



The set of software modules that make up the vehicle access control suite, with the following features:

  • Real-time display of access points
  • Management of the DB for configuration of the system and historical searches
  • Deleting of historical data according to expiry date
  • Synchronisation of databases in distributed environments

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