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Corporate social responsibility


The corporate social responsibility (CSR) is defined as the active and voluntary contribution to the social, economic, environmental improvement by the companies.
The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a manner of directing companies based on the management of the impacts that its activity generates over its customers, employees, local communities, environment and over the society in general.

In Innova we plan to perform an active and voluntary contribution to social, economic and environmental improvement, that is why we collaborate with different NGO and companies that allow us to achieve these objectives:


“The Vicente Ferrer foundation is a NGO of development committed to the improvement of the living conditions of the most disadvantaged communities of India”.
The collaboration performed by Innova with Vicente Ferrer is sponsoring 5 girls and boys so that they have the chance of having a future. And we are conscious that our monthly contribution achieves an improvement in the life of the boy/girl and also of its entire community.

There are many ways to collaborate and improve the lives of many families. Learn about the different ways to collaborate!


“UNHCR is the agency of the UN for the refugees. The Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees was established on 14 December 1950 by the United Nations General Assembly. The Agency has the mandate to lead and coordinate the international action to protect and solve the problems of the refugees around the world. Its main objective is to safeguard the rights and welfare of the refugees.”
Innova is the partner of UNHCR and performs a periodical contribution that allows to guarantee a steady help for the refugees. Also, the steady contributions enable UNHCR to have reserve funds so as to be able to act in an immediate manner when a humanitarian emergency flares up.

Interested in collaborating with Social Projects? Click here and find out how can you contribute in a small way with UNHCR´s Projects.


Hola Luz is a power company that supplies 100% of the electricity rated as Green Energy. That is to say, it is an electricity of renewable origin, produced through natural resources. The renewable energies are the wind, hydro and solar energy and the biomass.
In Innova we consume only 100% renewable origin electricity, as it is part of our culture taking care of the environment.



In Innova we try to use products from suppliers whose social responsibility, whose ethic in the manner of carrying out business and whose concern with the environment are coherent with ours.
An example of this type of suppliers is Axis, a manufacture company of cameras whose idea of sustainability aligns with Innova´s.

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