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OCR5 for Smart Cities

Smart Technology to meet successfully the Low Emission Zones Challenge 

The reduction of the CO2 emissions in cities becomes a strategic goal for the public administrations. The regulation of vehicle access to cities is included in their Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) as a part of its integrated parking and mobility policies. The deployment of these sustainable urban mobility plans, done in many cities all over the world, usually includes the approval of Urban Vehicles Access Regulations (UVAR) in order to reduce the CO2 emissions in the city. 

At Innova we developed SIRAM OCR5 Free Flow, a license plate recognition software that uses the latest deep learning technology to provide a high accuracy rate (98% – 99.5%). SIRAM OCR 5 is the perfect solution for the design and control of low CO2 emissions zones included in city traffic planning.

Vehicles Access Regulations (UVAR) are based on different strategies like the Low Emission Zones (LEZ), the Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ), the Zero Emission Zones (ZEZ) or the Limited Traffic Zones (LTZ), in order to planify more sustainable and green cities. The different UVAR strategies need new technologies based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to provide tools for the smart traffic and the smart parking solutions. 

The high reliability rate of SIRAM OCR 5 enables smart decisions to be made for traffic planning and design in cities. In this case, Innova has the experience providing solutions to the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in Barcelona and to the Limited Traffic Zone (LTZ) in Madrid (Madrid Central).

The Smart Parking & Traffic solutions developed by Innova are based on Deep Learning and includes technologies like:

  • License Plate Recognition (Siram OCR5) that can be used in Low Emission Zones (LEZ) and Limited Traffic Zones (LTZ), and can be connected to a White List or a database with the vehicle’s environmental label to know if it is authorized to enter the UVAR Zone.
  • Vehicle counting (VCC) and vehicle queue counting (VQC) . This set of applications allows the city council to plan and model the traffic in its city. The great advantage of the Innova’s applications is that information can be obtained with a high accuracy thanks to its Deep Learning technology.

Innova’s R&D Team is 100% focused on Deep Learning technologies for parking and smart cities applications. For example, in the United Kingdom, we have a solution based on a color camera to recognize the green band on the plate that identifies electric vehicles (EV) to apply a different parking fee. Another real case is in Spain, where we are recognizing the blue color of the Rear plate of the Taxis to allow them to access special lanes of the facilities.

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