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Deep Learning: Smart Parking & Smart Mobility

Siram COUNTER and Siram OCR become the technological solutions with the highest accuracy rate and efficiency. Video analytics at the service of intelligent management of parking spaces, the implementation of ticketless or barrierless systems, or the planning, modeling and management of urban traffic in smart cities.

Deep Learning, as an Artificial Intelligence technology based on self-learning, has been a great advance in video analytics systems. The impact of the new functionalities that these solutions incorporate is not unrelated to the parking sector or traffic management in smart cities. The development of new technological solutions based on deep learning allow different applications to be scaled, providing sustainability, efficiency and profitability to parking management and traffic planning and management systems. At Innova, we have smart video analytics and ALPR solutions that offer optimal results in Smart Cities and Smart Parking, where speed of implementation, integration and efficiency become its main characteristic, overtaking any other technological solution on the market.

Urban traffic management has become a priority in public administrations and municipalities to meet pollution reduction commitments. For this reason, the implementation of low CO2 emission zones, the management of incidents and traffic violations in real time, the early detection of traffic congestion situations or the implementation of smart traffic lights are some of the key strategies within the policies of mobility in Smart Cities. Artificial intelligence is the key to the proper functioning of this type of mobility implementation, not only because of its effectiveness, but also because it allows continuous learning of dynamic traffic flows and a rapid implementation. An example is smart traffic lights, which improve traffic flow, and this is possible thanks to the detection, classification and analysis of images in real time. 

Siram COUNTER TRAFFIC is a video analytics solution based on Deep Learning algorithms that has already demonstrated its effectiveness and profitability in the Valencia City Council (Spain). In collaboration with the company ETRA, our Counter Traffic solution has been implemented for the implementation of dynamic traffic light cycles by detecting pedestrians through the installed cameras. This implementation has made it possible to reduce waiting times and a smart management of the flow of pedestrians and vehicles.


Siram OCR5, our LPR solution based on Deep Learning, enables us to optimize processes and applications in the management of smart car parks. A high rate of accuracy in reading and recognizing license plates has become the main concern of companies that manage car parks, who intend to offer services based on license plates. The new Barrierless or Ticketless solutions are committed to modernizing the facilities through new technologies that improve the user experience. 

Our solutions for Smart Parking such as Siram OCR, Siram MAKE, Siram COUNTER PARKING, Siram TWINPLATE, Siram TAILGATING or Siram AUDIT allow efficient management of car parks with our smart technology based on deep learning and easy to deploy. 

Siram COUNTER PARKING is a video analytics solution based on Deep Learning algorithms that has also demonstrated its effectiveness and profitability in parking lots of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the city of Los Angeles (USA) through our partner PARKHELP. This implementation has proven to be an excellent option for real-time occupancy management in LA Metro parking lots. Siram COUNTER PARKING saves installation costs and maximizes results compared to conventional technologies such as inductive loops. The new video analytics technologies allow us to implement additional functionalities in order to improve the End2End user experience.


Once again, Innova demonstrates its technological added value with its ALPR and video analytics solutions, where artificial intelligence enables the implementation of ticketless, barrierless and guidance systems in car parks, as well as the management of traffic in cities. 

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