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OCR5 ALPR in the Park&Ride

The high accuracy rate offered by SIRAM OCR5 ALPR favors the implementation of Park & Ride parking systems in Madrid.

Deterrent car parks like the Park & Ride ones have become great allies in large cities to control vehicle mobility and promote the use of public transport. This need for traffic and mobility planning has led Madrid city to implement the APARCA + T project, an initiative of the municipal transport company EMT Madrid, which allows free parking by providing information on the public transport voucher used. This type of solution through the use of the license plate is possible thanks to the use of intelligent technology such as SIRAM OCR5. A license plate recognition software based on deep learning that guarantees an accuracy rate greater than 99%.

Thanks to the trust of Orbility Spain, we have implemented SIRAM OCR5 to guarantee the Park & Ride system in the parking lot of the recently inaugurated Civitas Metropolitano football stadium. This installation allows full integration to the Orbility parking management system (PMS), installed and launched by the company Siepark (official distributor in Spain), taking advantage of the high accuracy rate provided by our SIRAM OCR5. The algorithms based on Deep Learning and their precision in the recognition and reading of license plates guarantee maximum efficiency and effectiveness in the Park & Ride operation.

How does the Park & Ride system work? As soon as the user acquires his public transport ticket, he can validate the free stay after registering the license plate and the transport card, being the recognition of license plates essential to be able to access and leave the car park. The SIRAM OCR5 ALPR license plate recognition technology gives parking operators the possibility of offering new Ticketless services because it ensures maximum quality of service and a high accuracy rate. 

From Innova we offer ALPR technological solutions that are designed to improve the operation of the car park and the user experience with products such as:

  • The Siram Hybrid capture unit that allows working in color to improve the recognition of damaged license plates.
  • Siram Twinplate  that allows increasing the accuracy rate thanks to the use of more than one camera per lane and guarantees 24/7 operation.
  • Siram OCR5 Continuous Pull, an operating mode that allows early recognition of the license plate and speeds up the entry and exit process.

The parking sector is constantly changing, facing smart mobility challenges that require effective, precise and well-integrated ALPR and PMS technological solutions. From Innova we want to thank the company Siepark for trusting our ALPR solutions for this project, since it has allowed the integration of SIRAM OCR5 with Orbility’s parking management systems, allowing the implementation of a ticketless system such as Park & Ride in the Civitas stadium in Madrid promoted by the EMT. Contact us!



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