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New Solutions for Smart Sustainable Mobility

This 2021 we launch new technological ALPR solutions based on #VideoAnalytics for parking and smart mobility needs. Improves the efficiency of parking systems and facilitates the End2End user experience in mobility. 

Smart Cities are already a reality. The way in which cities are planned by municipalities and companies in the parking sector respond to a criteria for improving the user experience and a sustainable mobility model. For this reason, at Innova we have launched various Artificial Intelligence solutions applied to the world of Parking and that will revolutionize the concept of sustainable mobility: SIRAM Counter, OCR TwinPlate, SIRAM Tailgating and the first PoE cabinet capture unit.

The companies that invest in R&D such as Innova, have taken the technological witness to provide our smart solutions in pursuit of the sustainable development of cities. Our bet is clear: ALPR solutions for Smart Mobility. For this reason, at Innova we have launched various intelligent solutions based on deep learning to give an effective response to any project aimed at a technological modernization of infrastructures to promote the construction of Smart Cities. The future TICKETLESS and BARRIERLESS of the parking world requires new solutions that respond to these new needs.


SIRAM COUNTER: Accurate counting solution of people and all types of vehicles through a single camera per access. This product has been trained to differentiate between scooters, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, vans, motorhomes, and trucks. The new vehicle tracking and identification algorithms allow dynamic and error-free counting, replacing inductive loops. This, together with the high success rate of SIRAM OCR5, which exceeds 99%, allows us to offer an ideal solution for Ticketless and Barrierless systems.
SIRAM COMPACT PRO: is the first ALPR solution in an outdoor cabinet powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet). This enables lower installation costs by reducing the need for cabling, as only a single Ethernet cable is required for power and data.
SIRAM TAILGATING: Fraud detection and notification module by Tailgating for car Parking.  The system requires two cameras to capture front and rear license plates from traffic. In case of fraud detection, this Tailgating module can perform different preventive actions. It can work integrated into the Parking management system or with its own management and alarm software.
OCR TWINPLATE: SIRAM OCR module that allows managing multiple license plate recognition cameras installed on the same lane. When it receives the registration request, it sends the request to the different cameras and returns the best of the results obtained. It is a smart solution that guarantees license plate recognition rates close to 100% and video analytics with colour image.
At Innova we are committed to offering technological solutions in order to optimize parking spaces and their intelligent management, prioritizing the user experience in the field of mobility. This implies an improvement in the quality of life of the citizen and the city while helping to reduce the environmental impact.

Discover our smart and sustainable Smart Mobility solutions for the Parking sectorDownload our Datasheets here.



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